More Stickers, More FUN

Stickers are fun

At Made by steph, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer full customization with your products. From the shape and size, to the quantity and material, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating sticky personalized products.

Don’t settle for half-baked branding, leverage the advantage of StickerYou’s customization and die-cut technology. Create stand-out shapes and finishes that bring your brand forward and above the rest. Check out these before and after shots, and learn how you can transform your marketing message like never before!

Secure some social media testimonials by including stickers with purchase

Testimonials and word-of-mouth is a surefire way to reach more people, and acquire new customers - especially for small businesses and newer companies. Consider printing some custom cut stickers asking your clients to review and share their experience on their social media!

This will allow you to reach your client’s audience, and will also give you copy to leverage in future marketing messages and campaigns!

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Generate excitement about your community initiatives

If you have initiatives or charitable efforts in place, make it known! Customers love knowing how you give back to the community, and where their money goes. Communicating the causes your business is passionate about will make their purchase decision that much easier.

For example, if you have a “buy one, give one” taking place, put some stickers on your boxes alongside packaging, to advertise your activism efforts!